Schools 'will not reopen next month and could be closed until May'

Schools won’t reopen this month, the government is expected to confirm this this week.

Students are only allowed to return to class after Easter. The Sunday Times reports.

It is alleged that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will be ruling this week out of children returning to school after the February term.

An exact reopening date is not given, but the newspaper reports that students are not expected to be able to return until mid-April or May.

It reported a government source who said, “We are in for the long term. We will start giving more information to parents so that they can start managing their expectations. While we haven’t gotten to an exact time that we believe schools will return, it won’t be after half-time.

“May is still a long way off, and if it were left to the NHS and the academics, they’d be in favor of postponing the school return date as long as possible. One thing is certain – we will not risk getting out of this lock if there is a risk of being thrown into another. “

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Even if schools reopen, it is expected that there will be a staggered start for the exam students and rota systems will be put in place to prevent too many students from being there together.

Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis Academy Trust, told the newspaper, “I don’t think it’s safe for schools to reopen fully after halftime. There may be a possibility after Easter. “

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