Scientists back ban on summer holidays abroad this year

Scientists say they advocate restrictions on international travel that last into the summer – effectively banning vacation abroad.

Dame Anne Johnson, Professor of Epidemiology at University College London, and Professor Sir Mark Walport, Former Scientific Advisor to the Government, spoke out in favor of staying this summer.

“One of the biggest risks is that new varieties will emerge and return to the UK. We also know we had new variants here that we exported from the UK, ”Dame Anne told BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

“So this is a risk that you have a high infection rate. I am for stays.”

Sir Mark agreed.

When asked whether the government should stop people traveling overseas or make it harder to enforce quarantine after the trip, he said, “I think this has to depend on the dates.

“Certainly, many countries in Europe are currently seeing increasing numbers of cases – there are 36,000 cases per day in France, 16,000 in Germany, 22,000 in Italy. The numbers speak for themselves. “

Sports and Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston told Sky News today, “Caution is essential here.”

He said: “Remember, you can also go on holiday in the UK and I encourage people to do so and to plan for it too. In fact, the Global Travel Taskforce will be reporting on overseas travel very soon, and this will help determine the scope for international travel. “

He added: “We want people to come to the UK too. Inbound tourism is extremely important to our economy. So we are working with other countries around the world to make sure we can open international travel, but we will do so carefully. “

He continued: “We want to open up as soon as possible, both domestically and abroad, but we will do so carefully on the basis of the evidence and watch very closely what happens in both cases, the EU and elsewhere in the world. “


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