Scientists say dogs 'can read human minds'

Dogs can read human minds, according to new research.

The new study found that man’s best friend may be even more understanding of its owners than originally thought.

And it seems pooches can tell the difference between deliberate actions and mistakes

First author Dr. Britta Schunemann said: “The dogs in our study clearly behaved differently, depending on whether the actions of a human experimenter were intentional or unintentional.”

Understanding commands like “sit,” “lie down,” and “roll over,” however, is a skill regardless of whether you understand intent or just respond to results remains unclear.

This is a fundamental part of the Theory of Mind, which has long been considered uniquely human.

It is the ability to ascribe mental states to oneself and others and dogs have it too.

You can tell the difference between done intentionally and accidentally.

Dr. Schunemann from the University of Göttingen and colleagues tested how they reacted when food rewards were withheld.

The researchers found that the animals behaved differently depending on whether the experimenter’s actions were intentional or unintentional.

It shows that dogs can distinguish between actions that are intentional or accidental.

To arrive at their conclusions, the German team carried out an experiment with the paradigm “incapable vs. unwilling”.

It works by examining whether test subjects react differently to a human experimenter.

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