Scott Boras pitches 162-game MLB season, including Christmas game, despite coronavirus delay

On Christmas Day in 2020 there will be snow on the ground, but cheer in your heart. No, not because you are surrounded by your loving family, but because there is baseball on TV.

This could really be a reality if Scott Boras gets his way. Boras, the 67-year-old super agent representing many of the game’s top stars, believes there is still a way for Major League Baseball to hold a 162-game season in 2020, despite the fact that the corona virus season is currently slowing and potentially endangering.

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How does it work? Well, it would mean that you play well into the year, which means that there are also many neutral site games involved, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We mapped it all out,” said Boras. “It is workable. We’ve done climate studies and the average temperature in Southern California is 67 degrees in December, which is better in most cities than in late March and early April. We have eleven stadiums in which we can play post-season matches. I’m going to get my World Series with neutral location anyway. “

Boras has long advocated playing the World Series – or at least its first two games – in a neutral location to give fans and corporate sponsors months in advance to plan trips and buy game tickets , turning the signature of baseball event into a multi-day event like the Super Bowl or All-Star game.

In Boras’ scenario, the regular season would begin on June 1 or July 1. He has mapped out the plans for both agencies. Boras’ proposal on June 1 includes 162 games. When the season opens on July 1, Boras plans a season of 144 games.

because of the corona virus. Every other Major Sports League has postponed events and games because of the threat of the virus. “data-reactid =” 23 “> The MLB season, which would begin March 26, has been postponed indefinitely because of the corona virus. Every other major sports league has postponed events and games due to the threat of the virus.

Both Boras scenarios relate to the postseason that takes place in December, with the last game scheduled for December 26. That means fans can get baseball on Christmas Day if the World Series includes six games.

Can Scott Boras’ MLB schedule proposal really work?

Boras’s schedule may work, but it would be difficult to pull it off. In Boras’ July scenario, each team should play at least 12 doubleheaders. Baseball fans may be on board with that idea, but players and teams are exhausted when they think about it. Boras has thought of that and believes that teams that can endure doubleheaders with smart planning and an extensive roster for those games.

His plan would also require stopping games in cold-weather cities in October and November. While it may seem technically possible, it wouldn’t be ideal. Can we expect the Chicago White Sox to host a full series in mid-November? If all of their “home games” were to be moved to a neutral site, would that be fair? Have the White Sox just played every game on the road for the last month and a half of the season?

It’s not a perfect plan, but frankly, a perfect plan isn’t possible at the moment.

Has MLB discussed ideas for a 2020 season?

81-game & nbsp; regular season starting around July 1 and a postseason in October, “said the Times. Others fear that a 2020 season will not take place at all. “Data-reactid =” 30 “> Major League Baseball has not released any plans for a 2020 season. Executives seem skeptical that a regular season of 162 games might be possible. Some believe at best it is 81-game regular season which starts around July 1 and in the postseason in October, “said the Times. Others fear that a 2020 season will not take place at all.

While Boras’ plan is flawed, at least he’s trying to give fans a full MLB season.

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