Scramble to avoid bacon shortage 'in months' over Denmark coronavirus travel ban

Bacon importers struggle to avoid bottlenecks as Denmark faces a travel ban on its coronavirus-infested mink.

The companies are working hard to ensure the UK’s main pork supplier’s imports can continue to avoid a bacon shortage.

The UK government has banned all travel and manned shipments from Denmark due to the outbreak saga that sparked millions of minks raised there.

They are trying to prevent the mutated “Cluster 5” strain of the virus from spreading back to humans from the mink.

Danish ships are not allowed to dock in British waters, which creates potential logistical problems for the trade in the popular meat.

The hauliers’ industry bosses told the media imports would have to push ahead with unmanned deliveries instead, as long as the ban persists.

Denmark has reported worrying outbreaks of the virus in mink farms, with a strain of Covid-19 spreading to some local communities.

The government announced this week that all passenger ships and escorted cargo from Denmark will be stopped in response to the mink outbreak, fearing the new variety might catch on in the UK.

The Scandinavian country was also removed from the list of British travel corridors on Friday.

Anyone who returns to the UK from Denmark after November 7th will have to self-isolate with their households for 14 days.

The freight and forwarding industry also needed to make quick plans to accommodate changes in shipping rules.

Scramble to avoid bacon shortage 'in months' over Denmark coronavirus travel ban 1

Rod McKenzie, managing director of policy at the Road Haulage Association, said the recent restrictions are “significant and unique”.

He warned in comments too The sun If restrictions persist, it could “lead to a possible disruption of the UK’s bacon supply”.

However, the trading freight company Logistics UK said the industry is “agile”.

Scramble to avoid bacon shortage 'in months' over Denmark coronavirus travel ban 2

Importers would bring modes of transport under one roof to ensure products get from Denmark to the UK without the need for manned shipments.

In a statement, Logistics UK said: “Much of the ferry traffic between the UK and Denmark is handled in unaccompanied trailers, so drivers can simply pick up their loads at ports without having to cross the border.

“The industry will continue to maintain a high level of vigilance and comply with all health protocols necessary to protect the UK.”

Danish products account for around a quarter of all pork imports to Great Britain.


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