Sealed, barricaded: States asked to stop migrant workers at borders

States and Union territories must barricade their borders to prevent thousands of migrant workers from traveling to their homes during a three-week ban to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the center said on Sunday.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and Interior Minister Ajay Bhalla, via videoconference, asked chief secretaries and police chiefs to make sure migrant workers are paid wages and paid. food and shelter at their workplace, news agencies PTI and ANI reported.

States and Union Territories (UT) must ensure that people do not move between cities and on highways. Only the movement of goods should be allowed, the meeting decided.

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“There have been movements of migrant workers in parts of the country.

Instructions have been issued for the district and state borders to be effectively sealed, “PTI said, citing an anonymous government official.

District magistrates and police superintendents will be held accountable for the implementation of these guidelines, said the official.

The orders to the states and UT came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he “asked for forgiveness” for the “hard decisions” his government had made to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Some people will say what kind of prime minister he is, but these are special circumstances. You must have had problems, I understand, but there is no other way to fight against the coronavirus”, he said in his weekly radio show “Mann ki Baat”. .

The instructions to the states came after images of poor workers and families walking hundreds of miles or desperately trying to catch up with the screens of bus-filled TV channels and newspaper pages, prompting criticism that the lock was poorly planned.


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