Season 6 Showcasing Innovations of Call of Duty: Warzone

Season 6 Showcasing Innovations of Call of Duty: Warzone

New details continue to emerge from the upcoming 6th season of Call o f Duty: Warzone. We see the subways and underground for the first time in the 6th season trailer.

The latest season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is now almost here. Infinity Ward also released a promotional video telling the players what they will see, before the upcoming update.

In the first promotional video of the new season, a new subway line will start operating under Verdansk. With the new season starting on September 29, players will have to work hard to get the trains in motion and deal with the enemies coming from the tunnels.

Fight on the subway

The trailer begins with radio conversations on the subway. The two characters talk on the radio as they move through dark and abandoned tunnels. We learn from the conversations that they need to find a source of energy in order to run the trains. Of course, this game is an FPS after all, and there are many enemies to shoot enough from the tunnels.

Later we learn that one of those on duty was Farah. This character, which we saw in the Modern Warfare scenario episode, talks to a man named Nikolai over the radio after clearing all the enemies in the tunnel.

Nikolai gives electricity to the underground tunnels after this speech. We see the two characters later in an underground subway. We have probably seen that Nikolai and Farah will join the playable characters in the new season.

Verdansk expands

In the last part of the trailer, we start moving away from the map. When we end our distance, a metro network consisting of 7 different metro stations and surrounding the city catches the eye. We do not know exactly how this metro network will affect the game, but it will definitely bring fast transportation and new vehicles.

We do not know all the innovations that will come in the new season for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. Considering that there are only 6 days to the start of the season, Infinty Ward will reveal more details in the near future. Until then, the new trailer will be reviewed by fans of the series.


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