Secretlab Launches Game of Thrones-Themed Gaming Chair

Secretlab launches a special edition for its line of Game of Thrones themed gaming chairs. A special edition will be presented to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the show’s debut.

The new chair was unveiled on Tuesday and has a simple design, with the title of the movie and some details referring to the iron throne. It has shades of black as predominant and gold markings.

This chair was created in partnership with Warner Bros., rights holder to the series, and was thought to be for those who do not swear allegiance to any of the Great Houses. Either way, it can go down well for anyone who enjoys the series, even if you identify with a family presented.

The new edition is sold in the variants Omega and Titan. The Omega comes with a lumbar cushion and is more suitable for those who prefer a tighter fit. Titan, on the other hand, has a flat and wider base. Omega seats in the special edition cost $ 389 and the larger Titan versions cost $ 429.

The party also features a new lumbar cushion with a tiered design, which is sold separately.

It’s worth remembering that the brand has other models on the market, including Stark, Lannister and Targaryen seats, each with their own color schemes and decals.

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