See All of Miley Cyrus’s Outfits From New Year’s Eve Special

While Miley’s New Years Eve Party full of exciting performances, memorable guests and even the debut of a brand new song, I think we can all agree that it wouldn’t have been complete without that incredible wardrobe, expertly styled by Bradley Kenneth. From sequined bras and catsuits to feathers galore, Miley Cyrus’s NYE ​​looks were wild and sexy and showed some serious range.

As she joked with co-host Pete Davidson, covered one of her godmothers with sister Noah Cyrus and counted down to 2022, Miley stunned in one show-stopping look after another — including a top that didn’t last very long, such as Miley was kidding. (With all the outfit changes, it seems like a wardrobe malfunction was hard to avoid!) If you’re like me and you spent the entire special admiring Miley’s stylish ensembles, we’ll break down any preview.

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