See Jimmy Fallon's daughters serve as his mini band for at-home 'Tonight Show'

Like father, like daughters.

Jimmy Fallon’s two girls continue to help him with his home edition of “The Tonight Show,” which the nighttime host has recorded while he and his family remain in quarantine to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Monday night’s episode began with Winnie (6) and Franny (5) playing the piano and cowbell – although the keys may randomly tap and the bell shake may be more accurate – before handing over the host duties to their father.

On Monday’s program, Fallon interviewed “The Daily Show” presenter Trevor Noah and DJ D-Nice before closing the show with his new showpiece: slowing down the slide in his house, a journey his daughters also took as the episode neared a slot .

Fallon does the home show for about a week, as a break from the uncertainty and fear many Americans feel during this public health crisis.

Speaking to TODAY via video chat last week, Fallon said he was inspired to stage his show in a non-traditional way after remembering the words of retired nighttime host David Letterman after the 9/11 terrorist attacks .

See Jimmy Fallon's daughters serve as his mini band for at-home 'Tonight Show' 1

“I remember Letterman saying now is a time to be brave, and he said that sometimes it’s just as good to pretend you’re brave,” he said.

“And my wife reminded me of that quote. And so I said, “Yes, we have to do something. I need to do something. ”

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