Senator Chuck Grassley Pretends to Be a Principled Republican. Don’t Buy It.

Iowa’s family farmers are working harder than ever during this deadly pandemic. We try to protect our families and communities. We work with our neighbors and find innovative solutions to the problems we face.

What do Iowa elected officials do? If you’re Senator Chuck Grassley, go on right talk radio and say, “I’m a farmer, not a lawyer.”

Grassley had that all in one through Donald Trump’s Senate trial WHO radio interview. But it doesn’t take a lawyer to see what everyday people already know: there is a clear, sane case that Trump must be convicted of inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

In his interview, Grassley danced around Trump’s impeachment. He lied to the audience, claiming that there are reasonable arguments (there are none) on both sides of the process and that Trump’s impeachment is unconstitutional (it is). A week later he was asked about conspiracy theories of the white supremacists in the House of Representatives. Even after Iowa’s other senator condemned these conspiracies as dangerousAll Grassley could muster was, “I find it hard enough to keep track of what 100 Senators are doing. So you have to ask someone who’s been following it better than me.”

As a Grassley voter, this is an act I’ve seen before: “Aw-Shucks Chuck”. For decades, Grassley has gotten away with lies and bad voices for pretending to be one of us: a sensible, everyday farmer who only does his best. He is not.

In reality, Grassley is one Multimillionaire career politician The decades-long tenure in the US Capitol was marked by attacks on family farms, democracy and racial justice. While Iowa farmers struggle to make ends meet with medical bills we can’t pay, Grassley lives thanks Big money donors like Blue Cross / Blue Shield.

Grassley’s political career began in 1958 when he was first elected to the Iowa legislature. Since then he has consistently put corporate greed before human needs and cast votes that preserve economic injustice and white supremacy.

Grassley’s Down Home Farmer Act is undermined by the fact that he stood idle during the 1980s farm crisis when Iowans suffered and the Big Ag consolidated power. For more than half a century he has refused to support sensible legislative solutions that would protect and empower family farmers. In his six-decade political career, I have never heard Grassley say that family farmers need a fair price and farm workers need a living wage. This is not the mark of a leader who supports Iowa farmers.

It is not just farmers who are affected by Grassley’s legal flaws. Grassley Voted against the establishment of the federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. He has voted several times to have Iowans cut off health care Repeal of the Affordable Care Actand he voted for that Bank bailout in 2008. In 2015 he rejected a plan to restore the voting rights law because, in his words: “Other minorities are already voting. ”

Before Trump came to power, Grassley had already perfected the Trumpian tactic. In 2013, Grassley tabled 77 amendments to comprehensive immigration reform to achieve this blocking a path to citizenship and tearing families apart. After Trump’s election, Grassley voted with him almost 90 percent of the time, including during the Kavanaugh hearings, according to which the Iowa Coalition Against Grassley’s Sexual Assault “Insensitivity and shameful ads. ”

We shouldn’t be surprised that “Aw-Shucks” Chuck voted Tuesday to reject Trump’s conviction for not being a reasonable farmer or a practical leader. He’s a political opportunist willing to throw anyone under the bus so they can make money and keep power.

If Grassley had principles, he would work to protect democracy, reject white supremacy, and condemn Donald Trump for inciting the January 6th attack on our democracy. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement urges Grassley to do just that, and you can come with me.


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