Seven in 10 adults now have protective Covid-19 antibodies

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said seven out of ten adults now have protective Covid-19 antibodies.

Speaking at the Downing Street press conference on Wednesday, he said the presence of antibodies is a “measure of the protection we have collectively built across the country.”

He referred to data from the National Statistics Bureau, which visited more than 20,000 people to measure antibodies in their blood.

He said: “In the older age groups, those who were vaccinated first are much more likely to have Covid-19 antibodies.

“Now seven out of ten adults have protective Covid-19 antibodies. This is the vaccination program in action.”

Matt Hancock said the worsening coronavirus situation in India emphasized the pandemic was not over yet.

“Everyone across the UK is standing side by side with the people of India in these troubled times because in this fight against coronavirus we are all on the same side – this fight is a global fight,” the Health Secretary told a Downing Street Briefing .

“And when other nations face their hour of need, while here at home we stand before our hour of need, we will be there.”

“The situation in India is a clear reminder that this is not over yet.

“It shows the importance of being vigilant here at home.”


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