Several Teenagers Arrested For Hacking Microsoft: One Was A Millionaire At The Age Of 16

Several Teenagers Arrested For Hacking Microsoft: One Was A Millionaire At The Age Of 16

Microsoft: Just a few days ago, Microsoft confirmed in a statement that it had suffered a cyberattack by the hacker group Lapsus$, which it describes as “known for using a pure extortion and destruction model without deploying ransomware payloads”. “an account” The company described how the attack took place and its recommendations for more countermeasures against future attacks. The company also stated what it believes are the motivation and goals of Lapsus$.

Millionaire at 16

LAPSUS$ claimed responsibility for the hack, posting a screenshot of what appeared to be an internal Microsoft developer account on his Telegram channel. The screenshot appeared to be from an Azure DevOps account, a product Microsoft offerings that allow developers to collaborate on projects. days later, Microsoft acknowledged that parts of the code for his Bing browser and Cortana’s assistant had been stolen.

And with an ongoing investigation by London police, it appears that the first suspects have already been found: According to the BBC, a 16-year-old from Oxford has been accused of being one of the leaders of the cyber criminals gang Slip$. The teen, who has reportedly amassed a $14 million fortune from hacking, has been named by rival hackers and researchers.

City of London police say they have arrested seven teenagers in connection with the gang, but would not say if he is one of them. The boy’s father told the BBC that his family…

7 detainees, several teenagers

Under his online name “White” or “Breachbase”, the teen, who has autism, is said to be behind the prolific Lappus$ hacker gang, believed to be based in South America. Lapsus$ is relatively new, but it has become one of the most well-known and feared cybercriminal gangs, having succeeded in attacking large companies such as Microsoft and brag about it on the internet.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, attends a special education school in Oxford. City of London police said: “Seven people between the ages of 16 and 21 have been arrested in connection with an investigation into a group of hackers. They have all been released under investigation. Our investigations are still ongoing.”

“I thought I was playing”

The boy’s father told the BBC: “I had never heard of this until recently. He has never talked about hacking, but he is very good with computers and spends a lot of time with them. I always thought he was playing. Come on and try not to get into the computers.”





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