Severe cold weather alerts issued by health chiefs as snow is forecast

The Met Office issued two cold weather warnings this week as snow is forecast for the next 48 hours.

Weather experts say there may be snow in parts of England, Wales and Scotland.

There is a level three storm alarm for the north of the country and a level two alarm for the south.

The warnings remain active for that week.

The Level Three Severe Weather Action; alert ‘reads: “In parts of England there is a 90% chance of severe cold weather / icy conditions between 90:00 on Monday 4th January and 9:00 AM on Friday 08th January.

“This weather could increase health risks for vulnerable patients and disrupt service delivery.”

It adds, “The persistent cold is expected to continue this week with northeast winds affecting the country.

“Average temperatures are expected to be in the low single digits for the coming days, with a slight downward trend over the week, especially for eastern areas.

“The amber warning currently covers northern England but will be revised later this week as the risk to central and southern England increases.

“Widespread night frosts and showers are expected. These are mainly concentrated in the northern and eastern coastal areas. As the showers move inland they are likely to become wintry, mostly over hills.

“The main dangerous conditions during this period are severe cold and ice conditions. No disruptive snowfall is currently expected in the major population centers, although a band of rain and snow is likely to move south on Thursday, affecting mainly the hills of northern England.”

The yellow warning for the south of the country is, “Get food and medicine so you don’t have to go out too much when it’s cold or freezing. If you’re inside, stay warm, heat homes to at least 18 degrees C and stay up to date with the weather forecast. “

Dr. Owen Landeg, PHE’s premier public health environmental scientist, urged people to take care of those who may have cold weather issues, reports The express.

He said, “During this cold spell, we must all look out for frail or elderly neighbors or relatives, especially those who live alone or have serious illnesses.

“We still need to be aware of COVID-19 safety and local restrictions, but regular phone calls or socially distant front door visits can make all the difference.”

According to The Express, weather models show an increasing risk of heavy snowfall in Scotland, northern and central Great Britain and Wales in the second half of this week.

Southern and eastern regions will fall into the line of fire before the weekend, with downpours likely to be even at low levels, they say.

Some models warn that parts of Scotland could settle about 8 inches, with several inches to the south.

James Madden, Exacta weather forecaster, told The Express, “A large area of ​​snow is developing and sweeping south across the country from the middle of the week.

“This snow area is likely to be quite stubborn, with several hours of heavy snow in many places.”


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