Shameless trophy hunter kills exotic animals 'because they need culling'

Shameless trophy hunter kills exotic animals 'because they need culling'

A trophy hunter says zebras are no different from pigs or deer, and should be allowed to kill them – since they must be killed too.

Nick Morton, who plans to hunt twice a week in the cooler months of April to August, accuses films like The Lion King of portraying exotic animals in a positive light.

The 27-year-old claims that all animals are the same, but has learned that hunting a zebra is more controversial than hunting a deer.

He is all too aware of the negative attitudes towards hunting, especially those who do not want to have impartial discussions.

Trying to explain why he hunts, Nick said, “I grew up on a small lot and was constantly drawn to nature and wildlife.

“I started adventuring in the bush, scoring arrows and shooting targets from a young age. No family member or friend shared this interest. It felt almost instinctive to do so.”

“Hunting satisfies an urge in me that seems so natural. It brings me closer to the natural world and gives me a better understanding and respect for the animals we share these lands with.

“I usually carry the meat back to feed my family and friends. Hides can be used for decoration.

“Horns and antlers are kept as a kind of trophy to remember this animal. You can continue to show respect for the animal by adding it to your collection at home.

“It’s funny. Some people see it as a collection of bloodlust. For me it’s always about respect. It’s a reminder that you took this animal’s life and you can continue to honor it.”

“A lot of negative perceptions about hunting stem from things that are not factual, especially when it comes to what we would call exotic animals, African animals.

Shameless trophy hunter kills exotic animals 'because they need culling' 1

“An animal in Africa is no different from an animal in Australia. Certain herds need to be killed, and that is a job a hunter can do. I see a zebra as a perfectly acceptable animal for hunting.

“The numbers need to be regulated, it’s no different from wild boar or deer, but because of the way we grow up with things like the Lion King, people put these animals on a pedestal.

“It makes them think it’s okay to shoot a pig, but not a zebra. That doesn’t seem like a solid understanding of nature.

“Every animal is the same.”

Shameless trophy hunter kills exotic animals 'because they need culling' 2

He added, “The hunt offers an appreciation for life and an understanding that death is inevitable. It is grounded and humbling to understand where our food is coming from.

“When I see a turtle on the street, I’m always the person who goes by and saves it while everyone else drives by and I’m a hunter. Crazy, right?

“We are conservationists and true stewards of the wilderness. It is a way of life that we want to preserve for future generations.”



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