Shamima Begum 'should be allowed to return to the UK' as she 'poses no danger'

Shamima Begum is “not a dangerous person” and should be allowed to return to the UK, an ex-US diplomat who met her claims.

Peter Galbraith told The telegraph On Tuesday he spoke to her in the camp in Syria where she lives in the hope of returning to the UK and said that she had completely cut ties with IS.

The former Bethnal Green school girl shocked the UK when she and two friends left to join the terrorist group in Syria at the age of 15.

Her request to return to the UK after the fall of ISIS in the region has divided Britain.

Begum, now 21, has vowed to leave the group after being tracked down in a camp where foreign former IS families are being guarded by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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She is calling for the UK’s decision to revoke her citizenship after the government argued that she should not return as it posed a national security risk.

Begum has the right to appeal the Home Office’s decision to revoke her British citizenship, which has rendered her stateless and pending in the camp.

Your UK reintegration request has sparked a widespread debate about how to deal with returning jihadists.

Recent pictures showed that she gave up her traditional Islamic clothing for Western clothing.

Shamima Begum as a teenager

The black burqa she previously wore was banned in the camp in order to deradicalise women and children.

Claiming she was worthy of repatriation, Mr. Galbraith added, “I have spoken to Shamima. She belongs to the group of women who have absolutely rejected the Islamic State.

“I know enough about her to be pretty sure she isn’t a dangerous person.”

He added: “The basic position of the UK government is that Shamima is somehow dangerous and I just don’t think that’s true.”

Mr. Galbraith came out following reports that he had obtained the release of a Canadian mother from the camp.

He had previously helped to return a German woman, three German children and an American orphan, who were also held in the Roj camp, to their home countries.

He is reported to have helped former IS families in the camps by using the contacts he had with Kurdish officials during his diplomatic years in the 1980s.

It is believed that up to 20 British women and their children are living in the camp.

Begum herself became known as the so-called “IS bride” after she moved to the Islamic State to marry a Dutch fighter.

All three of her children have died, including the infant she was cradling in al-Hawl refugee camp in northern Syria when the Times first tracked her in 2019.


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