Shang-chi 2: The Legend of Ten Rings Are Coming Back in the MCU Phase 5!

Shang Chi 2

The power of the Ten rings is coming back!

The adventure moviestarring Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, is a world classic martial arts blockbuster that combines the enchantment of fantasy films with the white-knuckle thrills of the best action films. Of course, with all of this success and the Shang-Chi ending, fans are asking when they’ll see Marvel’s martial arts Shang Chi 2 master again.

Fans were presented to Simu Liu’s main protagonist in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and so it’s correct to conclude that we all welcomed the kung fu master with all the love. Shang-Chi earned an astonishing $432 million during an extraordinarily unpredictable box office season, and Liu himself won the People’s Choice Award for Action Movie Star of 2021, beating out stars like Daniel Craig and Vin Diesel.

We can only hope that Shang-Chi 2 finds its way to us fans now that the sequel has been confirmed. So, heres all we know about the’ forthcoming MCU project so far.


Shang-chi 2: When Is the New Sequel Coming?

Shang Chi 2 1

A sequel for Shang-Chi’s first part, the Legend of the Ten Rings was confirmed in December 2021

In September 2021, the first film was released in theatres, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Now the Fantasy-action has been officially confirmed for a sequel, which may be titled Shang-Chi 2. The MCU Phase 4 film has entrenched itself as a major element of Marvel’s future with a good critical reaction.

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While the sequel has already been announced, there are still a lot of other Marvel series and movies in the bag like Deadpool 3 and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, thus we may have to wait a while to learn more about what Shang-Chi 2 has in store. Considering this, and the MCU Phase 5’s larger intentions, we all want it soon.

As a result of no announcement regarding the production of Shang-Chi 2, the project has yet to enter production and therefore will not begin production until late 2022 at the latest. This implies we’ll have to wait at least a year or two for the sequel, with a 2024 release date expected.

Shang-chi 2: What Will the New Storyline of the Series?

Shang-Chi 2 plot

Marvel Studios could go on a variety of paths with the sequel after Shang-Chi’s dramatic climax and interesting post-credit scenes.

The Shang-Chi 2 may follow Xialing, a master criminal, as she clashes with her brother, although this is all guesswork on our part. Liu and Awkwafina haven’t spoken anything at all about their future intentions.

A guy named Xu Wenwu found ten mysterious rings in ancient times. The relics granted him longevity and unrivaled power, allowing him to rise to the position of the supreme conqueror. Throughout millennia, the terrorist organization known as the Ten Rings eventually spread to practically every part of the planet.

Wenwu, however, wanted more, and after hearing about the ancient settlement of Ta Lo, he’s set out to explore the world in search of magical animals. He enters a bamboo maze in 1996 and encounters Ying Li, a strong warrior woman defending the gate to Ta Lo, who tells him he is not allowed in their hamlet. They fight because Wenwu stands firm.

Shang-Chi 2 plot

Then the story moves to Shang-Chi, who is known as Shaun, who is living his life away from his father’s shadows. But, one day he got to know that his father wants to destroy the Ta Lo settlement, for his own reasons. Now, Shaun or Shang-chi doesn’t have any other choice than to fight his father with all his might.

Despite their victory, both the Ta Lo people and the Shang-Chi suffered significant losses. Nan, the Ten Rings, and Slattery are among the survivors who conduct a vigil to remember the fallen. Shang Chi wishes his father farewell. Then, He and Chen returned to San Francisco. Suddenly, Wong appears from a portal and summons Shang-Chi and Chen to Kamar-Taj to debate the origins of his father’s rings.

Liu has expressed an interest in seeing what his avatar is doing with his unexpected abilities: “I’m interested to see how a much younger, an untrained person would perform against the rings. Just the thought of being suddenly given something so strong but also so deadly.”

The several confusing, yet ultimate post-credits scenes hint at Shang-Chi and Katy’s fate with the avengers and a glance into Xialing’s potential. However, we know there are plenty of ideas circulating.

Shang-chi 2: Who Are Returning for the New Adventures?

Shang-Chi 2 cast

All the characters are played very beautifully by all the star cast, and there is no doubt that it will be the same in Shang-Chi 2. Destin Daniel Cretton will write the script and direct the MCU sequel.

“Certainly we have many concepts about where to go with them or where to place them,” According to Marvel’s Kevin Feige† But what is more exciting would be that we understand the film is succeeding when people start wondering about the co-stars or supporting characters instead of the headline character.

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You can’t imagine a sequel, Shang-Chi 2 without the film’s stars Simu Liu and Awkwafina, and considering how well the movie finishes, we understand they’re in for a treat. Awkwafina stated she couldn’t imagine them being separated, and neither can we.

Considering Wenwu’s demise just at end of the movie, Tony Leung is unlikely to come back as one of the movie’s other characters. Memories, on the other hand, are a possibility, but given what effectively the film finished up his emotional arc, we assume he won’t resurface.

Meng’er Zhang is expected to return her part as Xialing, Shaun’s sister, Chi who takes up her father’s criminal empire in the final scene. This might suggest that Florian Munteanu will reprise his role as Razorfish, the Ten Rings henchman.

Regardless of if Shang-Chi 2 goes to Ta Lo, one can only hope that it makes excellent utilization of the beautiful realm. wong had been the only non-Shang-Chi character to appear on screen, but additional MCU characters may appear in a follow-up.


As we wait for the Shang-Chi 2 to appear on the MCU again, let’s take a tour back to the first part of the Ten Rings, and enjoy the fantasy-filled action Marvel epic.

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