Shark drags fisherman overboard and capsizes his kayak with brute strength

A fisherman was dragged into the sea when a shark capsized his boat with sheer raw strength.

Graham Smith was thrown into the water when his kayak fell over while fighting a herring buck off the Irish coast.

He had fought the aquatic predator in the sea off north west Ireland for 20 minutes before landing in the sea.

The shark had dragged him into the troubled water during the fishing battle and asked Graham to call for friends on a nearby boat.

Dramatic footage of the confrontation shows how the shark pursues the bait sharply with bared teeth.

Graham struggles for control of his fishing rod as the shark pulls the line behind him and over his shoulder.

When the angler is dragged to shore, the shark pulls the rod into the side of the boat and tips the kayak past the point of no return.

“I go shark a couple of times a year off Donegal, Ireland,” said the 43-year-old.

“It was quiet in the headland that day, but when you got outside it was rough.

“The porbeagle is a very smart shark. They are notoriously difficult. I fought him for about 15 to 20 minutes. “

Graham fought the shark for 20 minutes

The Donegal man was brought into a rough place by the shark

He continued, “Towards the end of the fight, he took me out where it was very bad.

“Some guys I know were there, so I yelled at them and said, can you give me a quick tow out of this rough stuff – then I can let the shark stand up and let him go.

“But the shark made waves before we were finished and it just turned the kayak over.”

Graham’s kit box was turned over by dumping its contents into the sea, losing him £ 430 worth of equipment.

Graham ended up in the sea with his gear

Graham said a GoFish camera, GoPro and his Huawei P30 phone were among the items lost or destroyed.

“In 13 or 14 years of kayaking, it has only happened twice,” he said.

“Another 15 minutes and I would have let him get up and let him go. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things.

“I cut the line. I had to go home, I had to go to work. “

The man from Moville, County Donegal, was able to turn his boat back with the help of the crew who towed him.

The porbeagle shark grows to 2.5 meters and is found mainly in the North Atlantic.

The breed’s fishing in European Union waters since 2011 and the International Union for Nature Conservation list it as “critically endangered” in the eastern North Atlantic.


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