Shark savaged brave fisherman who punched it in face and swam away bleeding

A fisherman brutally bitten by a shark survived the encounter after slapping him in the face.

Jackson ‘Jacko’ Howson was fishing with his girlfriend near Coral Bay, north of Perth, Western Australia when he was attacked on Saturday.

He was left with terrible injuries from the shark bite, which was reportedly from a whaler or bull shark.

The man, who is over 20 years old, had a bite wound up to three inches long on his leg after the shark caught the same fish that Mr. Howson had just impaled.

In a quickly pensive moment of desperation, he hit the shark and swam 100 m back to his boat and to his girlfriend, where they escaped.

Mr. Howson, who posted pictures of his lower leg injuries from the hospital, is said to be “in a good mood” and preparing for the operation.

The Western Australian reports That one witness, Nick Hardie, said he was fishing south of the bay when he saw Mr. Howson and his partner approaching.

He said, “We saw this white boat coming towards us and we were a little confused. We saw a man sitting on the bottom of the boat and there was blood all over the boat.”

He added that his boat was the first the couple had come across after the attack.

A graphic image of the injury on Instagram

A picture of him was taken to an ambulance

“We followed them into the boat ramp and then parked next to them and I jumped on their boat,” he added.

“They [the girlfriend] was a bit nervous and didn’t really know how to drive it and he was on the ground so I parked the boat against the dock on the boat ramp. “

He said he had brought the boat to safety where paramedics were treating Mr. Howson’s thighs.

He is now scheduled to recover at the Royal Perth Hospital.


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