Sharon Osbourne leaves TV's 'The Talk'

Sharon Osbourne is leaving CBS ‘talk show “The Talk” for the day after defending contested British television personality Piers Morgan after Meghan Markle’s sensational interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this month, the network said on Friday

The show was paused while CBS investigated the matter.

“As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode was inconsistent with our values ​​for a respectful workplace,” CBS said in a statement.

Osbourne did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Earlier this month, Osbourne expressed support for Piers Morgan after making a critical comment on Meghan’s interview with Winfrey.

The sitting interview looked at mental health, race, media coverage, and the couple’s public family failure. Meghan, who is black, said some members of the royal family “had concerns and discussions about how dark his skin might be when he was born” prior to the birth of their son.

Morgan, a longtime critic of Meghan and Prince Harry, turned down the American actress’ revelations that she had suicidal thoughts, stormed the set of ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” and left the show.

Osbourne said she supported Morgan.

“I’m with you,” Osbourne tweeted. “I stand by you. People forget that you are paid for your opinion and that you are only telling your truth.”

Osbourne was criticized for the tweet, and a heated discussion ensued with Sheryl Underwood, co-host of “The Talk”.

“I even feel like I’m about to be put on the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist, which makes me a racist,” said Osbourne “The conversation.”

Underwood, who is black, gently pushed back and even preceded a question with a compliment: “I’ve never seen anything come out of you other than, ‘If I don’t know, I’ll be ready to learn. When I come up a certain way I stand corrected. ‘”

Suggested that Morgan’s rejection of Meghan’s claims of mental stress in royal life was racist, Underwood said to Osbourne, “It seems that you confirmed something he called racist.”

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Osbourne replied, “You tell me where you heard him say … educate me, tell me when you’ve heard me say racist things! Educate me, tell me!”

Osbourne spokesman Howard Bragman released a statement following the dispute.

“Sharon is disappointed but unfazed and hardly surprised by the lies, the rewrite of history and the bitterness that is emerging at this moment,” he said. “She will survive this as she always has, and her heart will remain open and good because she refuses to let others overthrow her.”

Then Osbourne tweeted an explanation.

“Please hear me when I say that I do not approve of racism, misogyny or bullying,” she said. “I should have gone into more detail in my tweet. I will always support freedom of speech, but now I see that I inadvertently didn’t make that clear distinction.”

Osbourne’s former “Talk” co-host Holly Robinson Peete, who is Black, She then shared her alleged experience with Osbourne on Twitter.

“I’m old enough to remember when Sharon complained that I was from ‘The Talk’ to ‘Ghetto’ … then I was gone,” she said.

Osbourne, on Twitterdenied the claim.

CBS said in its statement, “In the future, we will identify plans to improve production staff and processes to better serve the hosts, production and ultimately our viewers.”

The network said the show would return on April 12.

Diana Dasrath contributed.

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