Sharp rise in lethal bird flu variant with 50% death rate as China urged to track virus

The World Health Organization has ordered China to prosecute the avian flu variant H5N6 due to an increase in cases. A third of all human cases have been reported in the past three months

A third of all human cases of the H5N6 variant have been reported in the past three months (

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China has seen an increase in cases of a fatal variant of bird flu in humans, with a death rate of 50%, and the country has been instructed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to closely monitor this.

The sharp rise in the number of the H5N6 variant means that a third of all human cases have been reported in the past three months.

In addition, all 47 known cases occurred in humans in the past year.

A WHO spokesperson said: “More extensive geographic surveillance in the areas affected by China and the surrounding areas is urgently needed to better understand the risk and the recent increase in the spill on humans.”

The “serious threat” posed by the H5N6 variant was raised by the Chinese Center for Disease Control.

The WHO has instructed China to keep a close eye on the H5N6 variant



It researched the outbreak and determined that there were two new cases in Guangxi between February and July, and it said the way the variant is geographically dispersed and its diversity pose a real threat to the “poultry industry and the.” human health “represents.”

It added that the way more and more people are becoming infected with the bird flu virus cannot be ignored, and researchers are keen to track the evolution of the virus and, in particular, the variants and strains that prove to be drug-resistant prove.

The main concern with the H5N6 variant is how high the death rate is in people who get it.

The variant of H5N6 is transmitted between birds, but there is still no evidence that it can be transmitted between humans


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To date, there has been no evidence of human-to-human transmission, but people of all ages who have had it have suffered serious illness and half of those infected have died.

In one case in China, a 61-year-old woman who was hospitalized in July said she had none
Contact with poultry before she became ill, which leads to the question of how she got infected.

The WHO has officially stated that there is still no evidence that H5N6 can be transmitted between humans and therefore the risk is low.

Influenza viruses that spread among birds can sporadically infect humans and are usually due to contact with them.

Symptoms generally range from cold discomfort to pneumonia and death.

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