‘She Kind of Reminds You of Margaret Thatcher’: Liz Cheney Prepares To Make Her Move

‘She Kind of Reminds You of Margaret Thatcher’: Liz Cheney Prepares To Make Her Move

They also quietly cheered her that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Was knocked down “there, there” at the same meeting when she responded to his criticism and told him how excited she was to see his upcoming one HBO documentary, but filming a documentary isn’t why Republicans win the majority back. After the meeting, Gaetz tweeted in frustration that Cheney should be removed from her leadership position. It wasn’t her. He declined to comment further.

“You could see a speaker’s gavel in your hand and I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that many years,” said Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.). “She kind of reminds you of Margaret Thatcher, or someone like this in history: a strong person in a great position, a woman who holds her own in an otherwise male-dominated conference.”

Walden’s prediction may not be far off. The current chairman, McCarthy, says he has enough firm commitments to take responsibility regardless of the election results. But an unexpected blow could turn the calculation on its head. Popular Scalise gets in the way, but some Republicans say politics could align for Cheney if Republicans lose by a wide margin among women, polls show, and the party wants a public renaming.

“Obviously having a wife helps,” said Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry, a Cheney ally who will be retiring next year, of her current leadership position.

As with many ambitious Republicans, however, Cheney’s future depends on what happens on November 3rd, when the country judges Trump’s Republican Party, with its mix of America First foreign policy and populist domestic policy, at high spending. Mocking the idea that a Cheney could be the future of the party, many of Trump’s most prominent supporters are confident that Trump’s 2016 victory is a sign that the conservative moment of the Bush-Cheney era is over.

“The Bush-Cheney policy of perpetual war in the Middle East was rejected by GOP primary voters in 2016 and no longer reflects the views of most Republican voters,” Donald Trump Jr. told POLITICO in a text message response to questions about Liz Cheney “Unfortunately, there is still a huge divide between some Washington, DC Republican elected officials and actual Republican voters on these issues, but those Republican elected officials who are still forever in favor of the war are dinosaurs in our party.”

He added: “Even if you haven’t noticed yet.”

Regardless of what happens in the election, Cheney will run for a position in the leadership of the House, according to a Republican official familiar with her plans. Significantly, the officer said she had not decided which.

But even Cheney boosters in the House of Representatives recognize that a significant section of the party’s base has moved away from the hawks who ruled the GOP during the Cold War and after September 11, and see a generational shift as World War II and the Emergence of the post-war international order disappears.

“The American people, at least certain elements in both parties, are returning to the Robert Tafts in our party or to McGovern or to someone [among the Democrats]- that we should just be less involved and less active, ”said Thornberry, the House’s 26-year veteran and past chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Regardless of which direction the party is headed, Liz Cheney will have something to say about it. For just as Donald Trump Jr. is a dedicated advocate of his father’s views, Liz Cheney has also been an avatar of her father’s legacy of late.

Behind her support for President Trump – she votes with him “about 97 percent of the time,” she boasted “Fox & Friends” in July – lies a far harsher reality: many of her and her father’s closest friends and ideologues are allies has become one of the most virulent Trump critics. The large group, which includes former National Security Advisor John Bolton, Steve Schmidt, Steve Hayes, Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin, is campaigning for Liz to restore her brand of conservatism after Trump.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people about the conversation we have to have in the Republican Party, about how we can cut this albatross around our necks if he loses,” Bolton told POLITICO, referring to Trump. “And I think it will be very robust across the board.”

Schmidt, former advisor to Dick Cheney and advisor to John McCain who has become a prominent Trump critic, said: “If conservatism is a working political philosophy again in this country, Liz Cheney is as good a bet as anyone another a leader in this. Liz Cheney will certainly not be a person fighting to advance nationalism and populism for the next 20 years. “

Liz Cheney is not her father, but interviews with more than a dozen former Cheney aides and allies have made it clear that there is no understanding of what Liz will do next without heeding her undisguised devotion to her father.

“They’re connected philosophically at the hip,” said former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, one of Dick Cheney’s closest friends.

Neil Patel, who served in the Bush administration under Bush Cheney every eight years and was his senior political adviser in his second term, said, “When I say she is like her father, it is both in personality and in personality politics. “

And most agree that all they want is to bring his views – their views – back to the foreground of the GOP and redeem the Cheney name.

“Her father’s daughter”


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