Sherlock Holmes 3: Who were in the film & Everything we know so far

Sherlock Holmes 3: Who were in the film & Everything we know so far

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows by Guy Ritchie starring Robert Downey Jr. is a huge box office hit after the 2009 film “Sherlock Holmes”.

While it’s been a rollercoaster ride when it comes to the threequel, now Downey Jr. is no longer a normal part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie could involve a new manager and with it a new site.

As of now, production and casting exclusive of Holmes and Watson are on the rise, but there’s still a lot going on with the sequel.

The fans of this great hit feel like it’s been forever seeing Downey Jr as the fictional detective, so here’s everything it takes to be known about this hit’s upcoming sequel.

Who were in Sherlock Holmes 3:

The main character of Sherlock Holmes is played by Robert Downey Jr. as in the previous parts. Jude Law will also play his previous character.

While there’s no confirmation, chances are Reilly can see the better half of Watson, Mary, play. We may also see the familiar face of Stephen Fry playing Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother. Eddie Marsan can be seen again in the role of Inspector Lestrade.

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are ready to reprise their roles:

The Hollywood Reporter was heard about the roles on the Sherlock Holmes 3 one-part delay and revealed it Downey Jr. will make his comeback as the chic British detective and Jude Law will continue his great work as Dr. John Watson, Sherlock’s closest and devoted companion.

There is no confirmation on how many stars from the previous installment will join the third sequel, or what new characters will be added from now on.


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