Shin Ultraman Film: a Must Watch Tokusatsu Film of the Ultimate Ultraman Franchise!

Tsuburaya Productions, Toho Corporation and Khara Inc† worked on the new movie. The film adaptation of the Ultraman television series called Shin Ultraman Movie was originally slated for release in early summer 2021 to celebrate the show 55th birthdaybut it was postponed due to concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Together with Shin GodzillaShin Evangelion Theatrical edition, and Shin Kamen Riderthis movie is part of the Shin Japan Heroes Universe collaborative initiative.

Shin Ultraman movie is a much more viable take on the massive Tokusatsu movie series, as Shin Godzilla decided to bring ThatThe biggest classic kaiju for the very fresh kind of viewers, including the big relaunch of Hideaki Annothe creator of Neon Genesis Evangelionand Shinji Higuchithe director of some of the iconic Gamera Movies

Here’s what we know so far about the Shin Ultraman movie.


Shin Ultraman movie: when did the movie premiere?

Shin Ultraman movie is the third installment of Anno’s Shin Trilogy, with verse or “shin”, meaning “new” versions of great Japanese characters. The Shin Ultraman movie was finally released in Japan on May 13, 2022, after being delayed by Covid-19. Shin Kamen Rider was released in theaters in the United States this spring, marking the end of two years of anticipated tokusatsu movies.

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On his debut day in Japan, May 13, 2022, the photo was ranked 32nd first at the checkout, and this actually ranks first. The same film surpassed Shinji Higuchi’s earlier Kaiju film, Shin Godzilla, as the best Japanese live-action film of 2022, just on its third day of theatrical release in Japan, grossing over ¥990 million ($7.7 million), breaking the previous best set on the third day of Shinji Higuchi’s latest kaiju film, Shin Godzilla.

Shin Ultraman Movie: What’s the Anime Storyline?

Shin Ultraman Movie Plot

The “S-Class Species” are huge, unnamed life forms that are constantly invading Japan. The Japanese government has S-Class Type Suppression Protocol in an effort to eradicate these species (SSSP). A silver behemoth arrives from beyond the upper orbit to confront the monster Neronga as it destroys Japan. However, the silver behemoth accidentally kills SSSP member Shinji Kaminaga in battle.

Shinji’s mind and body are kept in the woods where he died, and the monster visited the corpse of the original Shinji to keep in regular contact with him. Shinji’s form is then taken by the giant, who takes Shinji’s place. The device known as a beta capsule allows the giant to morph into its natural form.

Finally, in the Japanese countryside, the creature Gabora arrives and attacks a nuclear power plant. Ultraman destroys the creature to prevent more damage from its nuclear nature, then flies away with his body.

Shin Ultraman Movie Plot 1

The alien Zarab then appears, claiming to be a good-natured alien who has made peace with the state, but the SSSP discovers that Zarab’s true motivation is to attack Earth.

Zarab kidnaps Shinji and then manipulates Ultraman to tarnish Ultraman’s reputation and weaken the public’s trust in him. Shinji’s secret identity is also revealed in videos posted online by an unknown person. Shinji’s Beta Capsule was surreptitiously left with Asami, and she discovers that reality and learns about its whereabouts from a subordinate.

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We’re not giving any more spoilers, so you’ve got to check out the movie that’s every bit as ultimate as the Ultraman franchise.

Shin Ultraman Movie: Who are the protagonists in the movie?

Shin Ultraman Film Cast

Takumi Saitoho as Shinji Kaminaga, the man who eventually became Ultraman’s human host, is one of the main cast members. Masami Nagasawa plays Hiroko Asami, an SSSP investigator who previously worked for the Public Security Intelligence Agency again. Hidetoshi Nishijima plays Kimio Tamura, an SSSP leader and former Department of Defense employee.

Daiki Arioka plays Akihisa Taki, the Tohoku University of Science alumnus and a particle physicist. Yumi Funaberi is played by Akari Hayamia universal scientist who previously worked within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology until joining the SSSP.

Who is involved in the production?

Shin Ultraman Movie 2

Although the first production dates were as fast as: February 2019Hideaki Anno‘s involvement with Shin Ultraman Film was indeed a late addition due to his involvement in the creation of Evangelion† In August 2019, higuchi is revealed as the director with anno as a screenwriter for such a project.

The film would be co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions, Toho and Khara, and will be released in 2021. “I’ve been handed a baton that has been glowing since I was a little kid,” Higuchi said. I will work diligently to fulfill my responsibility to pass on the strong, brilliant baton that my ancestors gave.


Indeed, Tsuburaya Productions has been busy in recent years expanding their many Tokusatsu franchises with future initiatives that have expanded the offerings from classic characters to media technologies. Let’s just watch the trailer and enjoy this fantastic movie.

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