Shocked passenger spots woman in front of her is Covid-positive after reading her texts

A Reddit user shared a snippet of text from her passenger on the platform that showed her that she was making the rather shocking admission that she was Covid-positive

The poster captioned the Reddit post, “Is this even legal?” (

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One passenger was alarmed after reading the text message the woman in front of him had sent to find out that she had coronavirus.

A Reddit user shared a snapshot the texts of her fellow passenger on the platform, which showed her a rather shocking confession.

To a message from a person named James, the woman replied with a message that said, “We have COVID … shhh.

“That’s why we’re going home a day earlier, now on the plane.”

The person who shared the photo, who was believed to be the passenger behind the woman, captioned the post: “Is this even legal?”

While some readers were outraged, others accused the photographer of being “curious” or claimed the news was a joke.

In a comment on the Reddit thread, one person wrote, “Plot Twist: She only typed this because she knows the asshole behind her is reading her messages.”

A Reddit user shared a snippet of her fellow passenger’s texts



“I’ll have this on my phone the next time I fly for the Peekers, lol,” agreed another.

“I miss the days when people would mind their own business,” complained another.

A few people were on the side of the poster, however.

One commented: “F *** people who KNOW they have Covid, who don’t take precautions to protect other people from it.”

“Expose them to the flight attendant. See something, say something, ”said another.

Another said it wasn’t an unusual situation and commented, “It happens all the time.

“People don’t want to miss their flight, delay their homeward journey, go on vacation, etc. Just assume everyone has it and act accordingly.”

While some Reddit users were on the woman’s side, others accused her of being curious


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A little over a week ago, Der Spiegel reported on a woman who was forced to stay in an airplane toilet after finding out she had coronavirus on the flight and notified staff.

Marisa Fotieo, from Chicago, USA, was flying to Iceland when she was doing a rapid Covid test in a toilet and found she had the virus.

She informed a flight attendant who then told her that there were not enough free seats on the plane to isolate her.

Marisa then offered to stay in the bathroom for the rest of the flight to protect other passengers. NBC news reported.

She said, “I can’t believe I spent four hours in this bathroom, but you have to do what you have to do.”

Marisa filmed a video of herself in the bathroom and shared it on Tik Tok, where it has received more than four million views.

The tourist is now in quarantine in Iceland for 10 days, while her father and brother, who were also on the plane, traveled on to Switzerland after a negative Covid test.

Commenting on her experience on the Iceland Air flight, she said, “It was a crazy experience.

“I just did my quick test and took it to the bathroom and in what felt like two seconds there were two lines (indicating a positive test).

“There were 150 people on the flight and my greatest fear was giving them to them.”

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