Shooting champion, 19, dies after accidentally firing at himself as he re-filled gun

Cristian Ghilli shot himself in the abdomen as he leaned over to pick up cartridges Tuscany, Italy, as medics could not save him after failing to stop the internal bleeding

Ghilli was hunting with friends in the woods of Montecatini Val di Cecina, Italy (

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A world marksman died in a hunting accident after firing his weapon at himself while bending down to pick up fresh cartridges.

Italian Cristian Ghilli, 19, shot himself while collecting ammunition from the ground in Ponteginori, Tuscany.

The teenager fired a bullet in his abdomen and hand on Jan. 6, his family confirmed. He died overnight after being hospitalized.

Ghillir, an experienced hunter and junior world champion in clay pigeon shooting, died in the countryside of Montecatini Val di Cecina in the province of Pisa.

The world champion in clay pigeon shooting of the juniors was pronounced dead on Thursday at 10 p.m.

After bending down to pick up new cartridges, he accidentally fired a bullet into his abdomen


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He succumbed to his injuries after the doctors couldn’t stop the internal bleeding.

The victim was also a member of the Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Oro, the sports division of the Italian State Police.

In October 2021, he finished first for the men’s skeet team at the World Junior Championships in Shotgun.

He was accompanied by friends on the hunting trip when he stopped to collect mussels at the end of the hunt.

According to the news site Il Messaggero, Ghilli fell and his rifle went off and hit him in the stomach and hand.

Doctors couldn’t stop the internal bleeding


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His friends called the ambulance and paramedics provided first aid on site before an ambulance took him to Cecina hospital in serious condition.

Police arrived at the scene to begin their investigation and said it was a terrible accident and no foul play is currently suspected.

After arriving at the hospital, the teenager underwent emergency surgery. However, he succumbed to his injuries around 10 p.m.

The police are investigating the incident further and are investigating why the experienced hunter’s rifle was still loaded after the hunt.

Clay pigeon shooting is one of the three main disciplines of competitive clay shooting.

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