Home World News Shoppers fuming as mum lets 'feral kids lick trolleys' in Asda

Shoppers fuming as mum lets 'feral kids lick trolleys' in Asda

Shoppers fuming as mum lets 'feral kids lick trolleys' in Asda

A shopper was stunned to see a mother let her three “wild” children run wild in the aisles of her local supermarket – including licking the carts.

Michelle Kellaway claimed she saw the disgusting scenes while shopping on Tuesday.

She said she went to the Asda store during school hours – believing the mother took her children out of class because of coronavirus fear.

Parents face fines for taking their children out of school unless they are under five years old while schools remain open. Hull Live Reports.

Michelle, 34, said, “I’ve just been to Asda and saw a mother with all her kids in tow and they lick all the shelves and go wild.

“She had three children who shifted on their knees, touching packages on shelves, and licking the car handles.

“It puzzles me to wonder why you would keep kids out when school is doing its best to keep our kids safe and get bubbles.

Michelle from Hull said she saw a mother and children during a trip to Asda in Bilton, near town.

The youngest was kindergarten age, she thinks, the others were around six and ten years old.

She said she assumed they were “the same kids who are likely to play with a million kids in one evening but won’t send them to school because it’s” too risky “.

When asked if the mother was trying to control her children, she added, “I think she was probably more focused on getting things done and getting out of there.

“But if you’re keeping your kids out of school because of coronavirus, don’t go to supermarkets with all three kids and then let them touch all of the items.”

When contacted, Asda confirmed that it had not received any complaints of this type.

It said it was examining Ms. Kellaway’s claims.




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