Shoppers say Asda's 89p pizza hack tastes better than Dominoes

Asda buyers rave about the supermarket’s new pizza hack.

And some customers even say the 89p ingredient makes the pizzas taste better than Domino and other popular chains.

Asda has published its new recipes online and buyers are already desperate to try the new recipes. Birmingham Live reported.

The recipes use a tortilla, some pepperoni slices, some cheese, and nothing else.

On Instagram, the chain wrote: “We got lunch sorted! Here’s our take on the tortilla wrap hack and you’ll want a pizza.”

The Instagram post contained the hashtags Asda, Asda Recipes, Toastiewrap, Wraphack, Wrap Sandwich and Lunch Hack.

And the comments from avid buyers soon found their way into the social media post.

One said, “I could just eat that now.”

Another promised, “Wow will try that,” while another said, “Nom nom nom.”

“I have to try it,” added another and one said, “I had one of these the other day, amazing !!!”

“YES ASDA MAN GET IN” wrote another, while another wrote: “It’s even better with Nutella marshmallows and biscoff or strawberries.”

“We definitely have to try that !!!” Another wrote, while another stepped in: “One that you can try.”

Another wrote: “We have to do this”

Another stepped in and said, “Oh, I can do this for lunch one day!”

“Asdas jumped on the wave,” said another.

“Wowzers,” wrote another.

“will you try next week?” asked another of her friend.

One wrote: “We have to take this one lunch break xx”


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