Shops could run out of tinned tomatoes this summer

Shops across the UK have been warned that this summer they could run out of canned tomatoes – a staple in everything from Bolognese to chili – thanks to a lack of supply.

The suppliers limit how much each store gets after three years of bad harvest, so The grocer.

The next tomato harvest is not due to begin until August and supplies will be “rationed” before that date.

Canned tomatoes are also a favorite for many in a full English breakfast.

The move started in April and will continue through the summer – which may mean some stores may run out of canned goods.

Conserve Italia, which owns brands like Cirio, is advising supermarkets to remove promotions to reduce demand.

Diego Pariotti, Export Commercial and Marketing Director at Conserve Italia, said, “We’re basically sold out on every single line because we haven’t had enough to meet demand in the past three years.”

Italy supplies more than 75% of the UK’s tomatoes. The bottlenecks have led to a 20 percent increase in wholesale prices.

And prices could rise by up to 50 percent, according to Jason Bull, director at Eurostar Commodities MyLondon.


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