Shops warned about selling baked beans to children

Police have warned shops to be careful not to sell baked beans to children.

It follows the rise of a bizarre TikTok trend that saw videos featuring the #beanbandits posted on social media.

The videos show how children smear baked beans on driveways, doors and cars.

West Yorkshire Police have asked shop workers to be careful that youngsters buy large quantities of cans of beans – in the case of “beans”.

PCSO Michelle Owens said: “Police have become aware that a new trend of youth groups called ‘beaning’ has started.

“Young people throw the contents of a can of beans over land, similar to the trend of throwing eggs on land.

“If you work in a business please be aware that teenagers buy large quantities of beans. If you have children who live at home, please keep this in mind when you see them removing beans from the family home . “

Last month, Surrey Police launched a call after the village of Wonersh was targeted by the trend.

Youngsters targeted houses and cars in the area.

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