Shopworker branded a hero for his relationship with blind shopper

A shop worker was branded a “gentleman” after being shown on social media helping a blind customer almost every day.

Kieran O’Rourke works in an Asda branch but takes time almost every day to help Michael Fuller, 71, who is blind from birth.

Kieran not only greets Michael at the door, he then shows him around the store, picks up every item he wants to buy, helps him pack at the checkout – and then accompanies him home.

Michael, 71, said he would be lost without Kieran, reports MEN.

He said, “Kieran’s such a nice, helpful guy, he’s a pleasure to shop with. Before we get started I’ll give him a rough idea of ​​what I’m looking for because I know where most things are in the and in which order we have to go. ”Kieran remembers what I normally get and also points out new items and things that I might also like.

“I go most days and that’s the idea so I don’t have to get too much at once.”

Michael, a retired officer, said, “The store is on a very, very busy street. Getting there is traumatic enough but I need some shopping help and Kieran kindly brings me back. He’s really, really good. ”

Kieran came into the store three years ago. He said, “He’s a really good guy and he always says our place is the best. We have developed quite a bond and get along very well.

“Michael doesn’t do big business, he comes by almost every day for little things. He doesn’t have a list, he just does it from memory. He can come by twice a day if he has forgotten something!

“We really talk about all kinds of things – how his wife is doing, what he did in his youth. He likes to cook and always gives tips. ”

Michael has to cross a busy street to get home from Asda, which can often take him a long time if he doesn’t have Kieran with him.

Kieran was nominated for an Asda Service Superstar Award for his friendliness. He said, “I think it’s nice to treat someone the way you would like to be treated in a similar situation.”

Asda Strelley Store Manager Laura Morris said, “Michael comes to our store especially for Kieran’s help and is very grateful. He told us that he is our customer for life since nowhere else does he get the same customer service that he does.

“Kieran’s great with all of his clients, but he definitely goes beyond that with Michael. Well done Kieran, keep it up.”

ASDA shared the story on their Facebook page. One buyer wrote: “Fabulous. Kieran certainly goes the extra mile .. you just can’t beat great customer service! Well done Asda for hiring such a wonderful young gentleman. “

Another said, “Nice story. You are a gentleman for helping this guy, it will mean so much to him.”

“What a beautiful story and how beautiful Kieran is, his parents must be so proud of him. He must make shopping a pleasure for the gentleman he helps. They must really enjoy each other’s company,” praised a third buyer .

A fourth shouted, “What a beautiful story, well done, Kieran, for helping this gentleman. You are definitely going the extra mile, so nice to see good people make good news.”


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