Shortages will last until Christmas, admits Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted this morning that the supply chain crisis, which has left front courtyards running out of fuel and stores running out of groceries, will last until Christmas.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, Mr Johnson was asked about the truck driver crisis and fuel supply crisis.

Mr Marr said no other country in Europe saw the UK’s problem on gas stations and asked the Prime Minister if it was Brexit.

Mr Marr asked the Prime Minister: “Your Chancellor Rishi Sunak says the problems can last until Christmas, right?”

Mr. Johnson replied, “Right now you have a shortage of truck drivers, truck drivers that affects the whole world. There was even a shortage of truck drivers in China.

“There is a shortage in America and in Poland. If you look at the special topics on the forecourt there, you have a problem that is now very much driven by demand.”

He said the government is making sure we have the extra drivers we need – referring to visas that allow drivers to come into the country and work and drafting the army.

Mr Marr urged the Prime Minister to answer the original question.

Mr. Johnson said, “Rishi is invariably right about everything he says. It depends on how you interpret why he says. “

He said the problems are caused by the pressures and strains of the UK’s economic growth.

He added: “The forecourt is basically about the supply.”

He accused the freight forwarding industry of not investing in the working conditions and pay of the drivers in recent years due to the lack of drivers.

He said we were dependent on foreign drivers.

He added, “The truck driver shortage has been around for a long time. It’s a chronic problem.”

Mr Marr said the Prime Minister was warned of the impending trucking crisis by the Road Haulage Association in June.

Mr Marr went on to inquire about the shortage of slaughterhouse workers who could see 120,000 animals slaughtered on their farms in 10 days instead of entering the food chain. The animals are burned on their farms.

Mr Johnson said, “Let’s see what happens.”

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