Should Biden Hire Rahm Emanuel? Chicago Says, ‘Never! Never! Never!’


When Chicago alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez heard that the former Chicago mayor was Rahm Emanuel considered She wrote one for another position in another democratic government open letter I urge President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris to put Emanuel on the “DO NOT EMPLOY” list.

The letter evolved into a petition that lasted until Tuesday afternoon almost 4,000 signaturesand Rodriguez Sanchez says the messages she has heard from voters in the city where Emanuel served two scandal-ridden terms as mayor are clear in her opposition. “It’s amazing,” she said The nation. “People say, ‘Never! Never! Never! We don’t want this man in the cabinet. ”

The prospect of Emanuel being won as Minister of Transport or Minister of Housing and Urban Development has drawn a lot of national criticism from progressives who remember his terms in office the union bashing neoliberal advisor to President Bill Clinton during the battle for the North American Free Trade Agreementand as the Obama administration’s chief of staff who is famous spat profanity among progressives who wanted to be more committed to robust health reforms. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said After the November 3rd election: “Someone like Rahm Emanuel would be a pretty controversial choice. And it would signal, I think, a hostile attitude towards the grassroots and progressive wing of the party. “Co-founder of Dream Defenders Phillip Agnew, who served as senior advisor to Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, said in a recently Haymarket Books Forum“As hard as we were against Betsy DeVos, we should go against Rahm Emanuel.”

The strongest reaction to the floating Emanuel’s name came from elected officials in Chicago who haven’t forgotten how the former mayor ruled.

“Here in Chicago we know firsthand the damage Rahm Emanuel did to our city, our services, institutions and people as mayor.” says Illinois State Representative Delia Ramirez. “It is absurd and insulting that Emanuel is being considered for a cabinet position in the Biden administration.”



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