Should government and politics be taught at GCSE?

A new survey by Shout Out UK found that 70 percent of students want a GCSE for government and politics.

Research by the Platform for Political and Media Literacy found that young people want to learn more about how the country is run within the National Curriculum.

As a result of the research, a new all-party political literacy group (APPG) was created, aiming to “ensure that all young people can read and write political politics by the time they complete secondary education”.

Politicians who make up the APPG say fake news spread across the internet has revealed a need for political literacy.

Conservative MP Simon Fell, co-chair and registered contact of the APPG, said: “There has never been a better time to speak to young people about political engagement.

“We live in a time of fake news and we have to fight back by giving young people the tools to be better and more informed.

“I am very excited to lead the group together from the start and look forward to working with young people to hear their views on this important issue.”

The group is jointly chaired by Lord Iain McNicol, the Labor MP. He added, “With fake news growing exponentially on the Internet, political literacy has never been more important.

“I’m very excited to be part of this new initiative and to work with all political parties and civil society to foster understanding and develop tools to advance political literacy.

Should government and politics be taught at GCSE? 1

“Shout Out UK has started something that we should all leave behind.”

The APPG was launched in collaboration with Shout Out UK. Members hope to focus on discussions between young people, teachers, civil society organizations and parliamentarians from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Matteo Bergamini, Founder and CEO of Shout Out UK, said: “I started Shout Out UK when I was 22 years old out of frustration that most young people do not learn how our system works or how we do, despite democracy in the UK can be involved.

“Our goal since then has been to ensure that everyone knows how our political system works through political competence, regardless of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status.

“With the support of some amazing politicians from different parties, we have managed to establish an APPG that will bring us closer to fulfilling our mission.”

For more information on the All-Party Political Competence Group, see Click here.


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