Home Tech Shows North Korea in a bird’s eye view in Flight Simulator

Shows North Korea in a bird’s eye view in Flight Simulator

Shows North Korea in a bird’s eye view in Flight Simulator

A user flies over the capital of North Korea in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is how Pyongyang looks from a bird’s eye view, including its stadium.

Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to fly over any point on the planet. Thanks to the use of Bing satellite maps and Azure servers, we can know all cities in the world with almost total precision. That’s why a YouTube user wants to show what North Korea looks like.

The user, named ObsidianAnt, takes his plane and flies over the city of Pyongyang, the capital of the Kim Jong-un regime. During the five minutes of footage, we see a landscape full of large apartment buildings and factories converging around the Taedong River. The enormous mass on the island of Rugra is striking. The Rungrado Primero de Mayo stadium has the highest capacity in the world, seating 114,000 characters.

There are some minor precision errors because they are generated by the system, but in general terms it gives a picture of the picture of an area known for its Hermeticism.

Brilliant future

Last July 30, we told you our impressions about the control of Microsoft Flight Simulator. In it, we witnessed one of the titles that looks best visually today. Due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the game has become a window with possibilities to visit all points on earth.

A virtual tourist tour that is summed up in happiness. “We are lucky that we managed to live the same life as we did in the best moments of the franchise. A bright future awaits you, with the aim of becoming the flight simulation platform of the decade. If the level is maintained during the final version, we stand for the best titles in the genre, ”we concluded in the preview.



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