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Silent Hill Twisted Ending, Explained.

Silent Hill Twisted Ending, Explained.

Silent Hill is a horror film that depicts the struggle of a woman who wants to decipher the reality behind her adopted daughter’s nightmares. The movie was originally inspired by a video game franchise of a similar name, giving the movie a spooky background.

Well, you can see the monsters appear multiple times, but the ending is quite disturbing. Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on to get a good understanding.

The storyline of the movie

Sharon, the adopted daughter of Rose and Chris Da Silva. She has a peculiar recurring nightmare about a ghost town. Sharon continues to sleepwalking, murmuring Silent Hill’s name. So Rose decides to unravel the mystery behind her daughter’s strange dream and decides to visit Silent Hill in West Virginia.

But leaves behind her husband Chris, who wants Sharon to get medical attention. On the way, Silent Hill, Sharon and Rose are intercepted by a police officer, Sybil. But they rush to Silent Hill when they find the right path, and unfortunately come down to a girl who appears out of nowhere. The aftermath of the crash results in Rose lying on the edge of Silent Hill with Sharon missing.

The Mystery Behind Silent Hill

The misty, gray atmosphere of the Silent Hill gives it an eerie atmosphere. As Rose explores the city, she finds three different sides of Silent Hill. The first is the real world with a real city set frequented by Chris and Gucci.

The second, i.e. the misty city, is the one in which Rose and Sybil are present. While the third is the dark side of the city, which brings out the gruesome monsters. The other two dimensions are related to the history of the city, which is as follows.

In the 1960s the city was under the influence of some sort of sect, headed by Christabella. Fire was the only means of purifying someone. Her sister Dahlia had an illegitimate child, Alessa, whose father was unknown. So the whole town declared Alessa a witch, and one fine day while escaping her bullies, she was raped by the janitor in her school restroom.

This further reinforced other people’s impure thinking, whereupon Dahlia succumbed and agreed to exorcise her daughter. But soon she realized her mistake and tried to contact the police. But it was too late, because the townspeople had burned Alessa alive. And in the midst of this, the structure to which she was attached also collapsed, resulting in the burning of the church and the entire city.

Eventually, the police arrived and picked up Alessa, but she was seriously injured. When Alessa was in pain, Devil visited her to help her get revenge for the injustice. Alessa agreed and so many entities were created in her form.

The devil took her remaining innocence and made baby Sharon, who then went to her adoptive parents. Because Sharon is related to Alessa, she dreams of the scary city. The devil then made the 2nd form, namely the foggy dimension, where he stayed along with Alessa and all those people who wronged her.

Now that you know the reason behind Sharon’s dream, let’s explain the ending for you.

The Ending Explained Of Silent Hill

While Sharon goes missing, Rose searches for her and confronts the devil. Devil explains the whole story of the town and Alessa and mentions that he hid her body to enter the church and complete his deal.

Rose enters the church just in time as the cult prepares to burn Sharon after the burning of Sybil. Christabella stabs Rose, leading to Devil’s escape, causing havoc. The only survivor is Dahlia, as she is Alessa’s mother.

Rose and Sharon wait for the storm to pass and ask her daughter to keep her eyes closed. But Sharon opens her eyes and sees Alessa smile at her, before passing out. They both leave town and reach home, but Chris couldn’t see them because they were still in the other dimension.

This means that Sharon is possessed by Alessa, and in reality, neither Rose nor Sharon have left the fog dimension. The only reason to leave the Silent Hill is that the devil’s job is over there, and now he wants to do damage somewhere else.

And Rose is collateral damage, still caught between life and death. Being part of Alessa, Sharon followed her, but now he’s waiting for someone else to make a deal with him to wreak havoc.



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