Simple boiler hack that could save you hundreds on your gas bill

Faced with the threat of rising energy bills and seemingly skyrocketing prices for everything else, many of us are looking for easy ways to reduce our consumption.

Aside from doubling up on our comforters or wearing gloves when we work from home, it can be difficult to strike a good balance between staying warm and not struggling with gas bills.

One clever Mumsnet user has shown a simple way we can keep costs down and said the trick saved her £95 in December.

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JollyHostess told other forum users, “You can use less gas by checking your flow settings on your boiler. Mine defaulted to 80 degrees, which meant I was spending huge amounts heating water that then had to be chilled with cold water.

“With heating, it just takes a little longer to warm up.

“This advice comes from Octopus: set your flow temperature for combi boilers to 50 degrees for water and 55 for heating.

“There are indications for boilers with a connected hot water storage tank.

“I’m taking the Octopus Winter Workout and have saved £95 since the beginning of December, according to them, and this is the only significant change I’ve made!

“I assumed everyone knew about it but me, but my sister had never heard of it and she’s very keen on saving money, so I figured there must be others out there.

“Seems worth a try as we’re all paralyzed with ridiculous energy bills at the moment.”

Other posters were quick to celebrate the clever move.

RedTartanShoes wrote: “Good decision. I’ve been working in the energy sector for 10 years and didn’t know that!”

PhoenixRebirth added, “Good tip, I’ll check mine when I get home.”

Other posters said they were concerned about keeping water temperatures down because of the risk of Legionella.

On this subject, Octopus Energy says: “Hot water should be stored at a sufficiently high temperature to prevent the proliferation of bacteria such as legionella.

“The risk of contracting the disease is low, particularly in residential areas, and there are only a few hundred cases overall in the UK each year, with the elderly being the most at risk.”

The company adds that combi boilers are fine as legionella only thrive in stagnant water and “combos keep the flow going”.

It states: “If you have a hot water tank, 60 degrees is recommended for your hot water. Legionella thrive between 20 and 45 degrees, so storing water at a higher temperature is important.

“HSE recommends 60 degrees. If your hot water is stored at 60 degrees, the bacteria will be killed in a few minutes. FYI – setting the temperature to 55 degrees will do the same job; it just takes a little longer to kill them off (about 20 minutes).”

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