Simple trick to reveal exactly what Google thinks it knows about you

We are all aware that websites track our every move – using the information for everything from saving time with passwords to showing ads for things we are interested in.

But do you know exactly what Google thinks of you?

A TikTok user named Trish explained how to find out exactly what Google knows – or thinks it knows – about you The mirror.

That includes your age group, gender identity, marital and parental status, and all kinds of topics you’ve Googled.

It shows what kind of sports or other activities interest you, what types of movies, books and music you like, and what other topics interest you – based on your internet search history.

Trish, who works in digital marketing, said, “If you’ve ever thought this was a strange ad for me, there actually is a website that you can see all of the assumptions that Google has made about you based on Your previous searches. “

All you have to do is log into your Google account and then go to

Trish said, “This is where you can see every assumption Google has made about you and why you see the ads you see.”

However, if that’s not your thing, Trish adds, “You can turn off personalization of ads entirely.”

More than six million people have seen Trish’s video, which garnered over a million likes and thousands of comments and shares.

Some people were “offended” by the assumptions that Google made about them

One wrote, “Offended that it called me single when in fact I’m single.”

“I am most offended that I like country music,” said another.

Another joked, “It looks like I’m married. I would like to meet my husband.”

Another user commented, “They say I’m a parent of 6-12 year olds. It’s me, but they’re dogs.”

One asked, “Why am I so flattered that Google thinks I’m upper middle class?”


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