Single mum says neighbour has cut back tree so he can watch her in garden

A woman asked for advice after a tree she planted to block the view of her garden was felled by a neighbor who likes to watch her.

The woman says she caught her neighbor in the garden staring at her several times and even talked to him about it.

But when nothing changed, she planted a tree to give her some privacy – and has now found that it has been reduced to just 6 feet high, the height of the fence, reports Birmingham Live.

Post on Mamasnet under her username Mug2018 she wrote: “The sniffing neighbor cut the crown off my tree so that he could get a better view of my garden. How should I go about it with him?”

She added, “I start by living in a really nice area, where my neighbors are supportive and kind (I’m a recently divorced single mother).

“My neighbors next door are generally very nice. Come by to feed the cat when I’m gone, display my trash cans, help me with stuck jobs, etc.

“But Mr. Neighbor is so incredibly curious. For example, when I was sunbathing on my trampoline, he texted me to see if I was okay because he ‘noticed’ that I had slept for a while.

“He regularly comments on what I’ve done when I’ve been in my garden.

“On several occasions I have told him directly to stop sniffing around my garden, and also in front of his wife (she was kidding him too). He looks out the window of her upstairs guest room.

“I have a tree that I grow to hide its view. I was gone for a couple of days over Christmas and when I got home I see that it was cut all the way to the top of the two meter high fence.

“It’s not a massive tree, but it will help if (if ever allowed) to grow. I’m amused, but just as angry.

“My partner is going to build a canopy over my terrace in the spring that will block his view, but for God’s sake … that pissed me off now.

“How would you go about it? They are generally very nice and friendly people, but that is only one step beyond the goal.”

Readers were quick to tell the woman not to allow the man into the house to feed the cat.

IncompleteSenten wrote, “Change your locks and have someone else feed the cat.

“You have to be very open. I like my privacy and don’t like being watched.”

Level75 agreed and wrote, “You are remarkably generous to him. You may do nice things like feed your cats, but being neighborly and being a peeper are not mutually exclusive.

“You have a right to be upset about your tree. I would complain urgently and also tell them why you feel the need to set it up.

“It could embarrass him into better behavior.”


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