Sir David Attenborough joins Hey Duggee to sing the praises of plants

Sir David Attenborough lent his voice to a special episode of the popular children’s show Hey Duggee to show the importance of plants in our lives.

The naturalist and broadcaster, 95, teamed up with regular narrator Alexander Armstrong for the recording, stating that trees and plants are “the foundation of all life on earth.”

As a result, Duggee, the big, lovable dog who runs a club for preschoolers, will help them understand the outdoors and earn the Green Planet Badge.

“Trees and plants are the basis of all life on earth and this includes all plants in our gardens and all fruit and vegetables that we grow,” says Sir David in his story.

“We depend on plants for every bite of food we eat and every lungs of air we breathe.”

The preschoolers enjoy the flowers in their garden and grow their own corn, broccoli and lettuce.

The episode will debut on Hey Duggee’s YouTube channel on Sunday – the same day Sir David’s five-part natural history series The Green Planet launches on BBC One.

Sir David’s latest program takes him around the world, from the United States to Costa Rica and across Europe to areas such as deserts, water worlds, tropical forests and the frozen north.

The documentary series, which appears 26 years after The Private Life Of Plants aired on BBC One, aims to show “how science and technology have advanced and how our understanding of the behavior and interaction of plants has evolved”, the BBC said.

In November the series had its world premiere as part of the Cop26 Summit to Combat Climate Change in Glasgow.

The Hey Duggee episode will also air on Monday, January 10th at 7:20 am on CBeebies.

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