Sir Tony Blair: 500,000 sign petition to have knighthood ‘rescinded’

Half a million people have signed a petition seeking the “lifting” of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s knighthood.

Sir Tony is named Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by the Queen, the oldest and highest-ranking British knightly order.

The petition, launched three days ago to remove the former Labor leader’s appointment, reached 500,000 signatures on Monday.

A statement posted on the website said: “Tony Blair has done irreparable damage to both the UK Constitution and the country’s society.

“He was personally responsible for the deaths of countless innocent civilians and soldiers in various conflicts. For this alone he should be held accountable for war crimes.

“Tony Blair is the least deserving public honor, especially anything bestowed by Her Majesty The Queen.

“We request the Prime Minister to ask Her Majesty to remove this honor.”

Sir Tony, 68, led New Labor to a landslide victory in 1997 and won two consecutive general elections before leaving Westminster a decade later, paving the way for Chancellor Gordon Brown to take office as Prime Minister.

He was Prime Minister during the Allied military invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The former lawyer became the Middle East envoy and, after retiring from politics, founded his own non-profit group, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

Every year Royal Knights and Ladies of the Order of the Garter gather at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor for a colorful procession and ceremony.

Crowds watch as they walk down the hill from the state rooms to the chapel, clad in blue velvet coats, red velvet hoods, black velvet hats and white ostrich feathers.

Sir Tony, who left Downing Street more than 14 years ago, is one of three new appointments to the palace.

Appointments to the garter are a gift from the Queen and are made without the advice of the Prime Minister and are usually made on St.

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