Sisters stabbed 'after killer made a deal with a demon for lottery win'

Two sisters stabbed to death in a park were murdered after their killer made a deal with a “demon” to sacrifice their lives for a lottery, according to a court hearing today.

Danyal Hussein, 19, repeatedly stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and her 27-year-old half-sister Nicole Smallman in a “frenzied” and “savage” attack before dragging them into the undergrowth of a north London park, a jury from The Old Bailey was said.

The sisters, daughters of the Church of England’s first female black archdeacon, had celebrated Miss Henry’s birthday with friends over a picnic in Fryent Country Park on the evening of June 5 last year.

But they stayed in the park after their guests decided to leave, heard the court.

Hussein assaulted the sisters and carried out the attack with such force that he stabbed Miss Smallman 28 times with wounds up to three inches deep, the jury said.

He thrust the blade into Miss Henry so hard that it broke the bone and went up to six inches, the court heard.

The sisters’ bodies were not found until two days later, on June 7, by concerned friends they could not contact.

The court heard pals head to the picnic area, where they first found the sisters’ glasses before following a flattened trail of grass into the undergrowth that hid their blood-stained bodies.

Police followed Hussein through DNA testing of blood found on the bodies, leaves and a knife at the crime scene and CCTV footage that showed him leaving the park and returning home to his father’s address near the Parks held, the jury was informed.

Latex gloves covered in his blood were also found in the park near a pond where the sisters’ phones had been thrown, the court heard.

Earlier footage and evidence of a bank account also showed he bought a set of knives, a mask, duct tape, and digging tools, a prosecutor told the court.

The jury overheard police searching his mother’s address in Eltham, south-east London, to find an agreement – signed in his own blood, between him and a demon.

The document outlined how he would never be suspected of the crimes and win the lottery if he killed the women.

Hussein took himself to Northwick Park Hospital the next day for treatment for cuts on his hand which he said the doctors were from a robbery he did not want to report to the police.

But despite DNA evidence, CCTV footage, and the deal, Hussein denies any involvement in the crime, the court heard.

He is expected to claim that he was stabbed to death in a robbery on June 5, fell victim to a conspiracy, and that the purchase of the knives and the deal with the demon had nothing to do with the murders, the jury was told .

Oliver Glasgow QC, Prosecutor, said: “The defendant attacked Bibaa Henry and quickly overpowered her, but Nicole Smallman, no doubt because she knew what was going to happen after seeing her sister butchered in front of her, struggled and the one.” Attack on them was furious and relentless.

“It was a combination of forensic and CCTV evidence that should lead them to this defendant, as the police should not only find out that the defendant was in Fryent Country Park at the time of the terrible attack, but that his DNA was” At the scene, his DNA was on the bodies of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, and his DNA was on a blood-stained knife that was found near the bodies.

“While searching the defendant’s bedroom, police found a handwritten document that allegedly was an agreement between the defendant and a demon promising to sacrifice women to win the lottery and not be involved in his crimes .

“It appears that the defendant was confident that his plan would work as the defendant bought several lottery tickets after the fatal attacks on Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman and the note had three lottery tickets folded together.

“As it turned out, the demon was not good as not only did the defendant fail to win the lottery, but the police also identified any evidence linking him to these two murders.”

Mr Glasgow QC told jurors how Hussein reported his bank card lost after the sisters were murdered but was seen days later on CCTV using it in central London.

He added: “The defendant has denied any involvement in the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

“He will probably claim that he was attacked on the night of June 5, 2020 by someone who robbed him and stabbed him in the course of the robbery. He is lying over the crime scene, the murder weapon and the bodies because he was the victim of a conspiracy .

“He will likely claim that his knife purchase and written agreement to sacrifice women had nothing to do with what happened in Fryent Country Park.”

Hussein, from Eltham, southeast London, denies two cases of murder and one of possession of an assault weapon.

The process continues.


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