Sixty feared dead as Russia cruelly bombs SCHOOL where 'nearly whole village was hiding'

Russian bombs have killed two people hiding in a school in the town of Bilohorivka and 60 others are feared, according to Luhansk region governor Serhiy Gaidai

Ukraine: Russia bombs SCHOOL where ‘almost the whole village is hiding’

Russian bombs have killed two people hiding at a school in Ukraine, and up to 60 others are feared.

Serhiy Gaidai, governor of the Luhansk region, said almost the entire village of Bilohorivka hid in the building.

Around 30 people were rescued from the rubble after the strike on Saturday afternoon.

However, 60 others are believed to have died under the rubble.

Mr Gaidai said: “The fire was extinguished after almost four hours, then the rubble was cleared and unfortunately the bodies of two people were found.

“Probably 60 people died under the rubble of buildings.”

Rescuers pulled 30 people from the rubble of the school
60 people are said to have died under the rubble

Separately, Mr Gaidai said Russian Grad rockets killed two children in the town of Pryvillya yesterday, wounded two other youths and a woman.

Elsewhere, he added that shelling in the village of Shypilovo destroyed a house and, according to preliminary information, 11 people remained under the rubble of the building.

It comes after Ukraine and the West have repeatedly accused Russian forces of targeting civilians and war crimes, Moscow denied.

Russia’s 10-week war in Ukraine has killed thousands, destroyed cities and forced 5 million Ukrainians to flee abroad.

Ukraine said almost the whole village was hiding in the school
The fire was extinguished in almost four hours



The besieged port city of Mariupol, a strategic target for Russian forces, was virtually destroyed, with the last 300 civilians trapped inside the bombed Azovstal steelworks being evacuated on Saturday.

Evacuation efforts will now focus on getting the wounded and medics out of the steel mill.

Ukrainian fighters at the facility have vowed not to surrender and Russian forces are trying to declare a victory in time for Monday’s Victory Day celebrations in Moscow.

The event commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II.

The bodies of two people were recovered after the bombing



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The Soviet-era Azovstal Steelworks, the last base of Ukrainian forces in the important port city, has become a symbol of resistance to Russian efforts to seize parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.

Joe Biden and other G7 leaders will hold a video call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday before Victory Day to demonstrate their unity.

Boris Johnson said: “Putin’s brutal attack not only wreaks untold havoc in Ukraine – it also threatens peace and security across Europe.”

Britain pledged a further £1.3 billion, which would double its previous spending commitments, and what it said was the country’s highest rate of spending on any conflict since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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