Skype Won’t Come Pre-Installed With Windows 11

skype will not be preinstalled with Windows 11. While many innovations were mentioned at the event where Microsoft introduced Windows 11, some applications and services were highlighted. Thanks to this event, it was also found that some applications that were popular at the time were falling out of favor. One of these applications is: To Skype. skype does not come preinstalled with Windows 11.

Microsoft bought skype 10 years ago for $8.5 billion. To Skype, what appears to be the most important part of the internet video calling ecosystem was added to the installed applications with Windows 10.

With the global coronavirus epidemic, people are making more voice and video calls through their computers than before. Despite this, skype was never mentioned at the Windows 11 launch event. Rather, focusing on Teams, Microsoft announced that this service will be deeply integrated into Windows.

Microsoft’s vision of the future with the purchase skype has become reality. However, the names that come to mind during this period are Zoom, FaceTime or Teams instead of To Skype. Even though Microsoft opened up Teams for personal use last year, it didn’t give up on its polishing efforts To Skype.

However, this seems to have changed for skype with Windows11 skype will not be pre-installed on the new operating system. The statement Microsoft sent to The Verge’s site on the subject stated that users can download skype from the Microsoft Store.

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