Small business owners stunned on their doorstep after blazing a lockdown trail

Gobsmacked small business owners received a special surprise on their doorstep last week after being crowned winners of the prestigious UK Small Awards.

Eleven stunned entrepreneurs were presented with a trophy on their own doorstep after paving the way for small businesses by closing down the street.

Fashion designers, community heroes and health workers were honored as the innovative online awards show highlighted the UK’s most successful and inspiring small businesses, among others.

Kerry Mackay, owner of the eco-friendly cleaning pad business ScrubbiesUK, won the Small Business of the Year award and was amazed by the recognition during the one-of-a-kind ceremony that broke zoom fatigue with surprising real-life appearances.

The North Wales resident, who started the company after relying on food banks but turned over £ 50,000 in her first year, said, “I can’t believe the Small Awards came to my house.

“I was so surprised when there was a knock on my door! This award is amazing to be recognized and I am really humble, especially given that I have faced some incredible companies.

“Two years ago my son and I were in desperate poverty and I decided to claw my way out of this situation.

“It has been a difficult road to get to where I am now – especially with the pandemic and schools closed.

“I sewed at my table ninety hours a week. But my small business is branching out in so many exciting directions and I am now more determined than ever to achieve my goals.”

Kerry does not rely on third-party funding and now sells its reusable, compostable sponges wholesale across Europe.

And it continues to expand production by partnering with local prisons to help offenders improve their skills through a number of new initiatives.

Kerry was just one of eleven national winners at the 2021 Small Awards. The new start-up Simply Noir, which supports independent, black-owned companies in the UK, also received the “New Kid on the Block” award.

Other winners included Local e Sourced in Herefordshire – an online marketplace for the county’s independent businesses – London micro-bakery Ma Baker, disabled-conscious fashion designer Kintsugi Clothing and Ethos Nursing – led by nurse Samantha Styles-Hudson.

Surrey florist Mad Lilies won the TSB-sponsored High Street Hero award, while Cornwall jewelry designer Lucy Kemp Jewelery was honored for her multi-channel approach.

Other inspiring small businesses recognized included London-based Nemi Teas, which won Mission Impossible for its pioneering work with refugees, and Staffordshire grocery store David A Parker, who won the Supply Chain Champion “got relationships it developed.

The Small Awards are currently held for the fifth time and are organized by Small Business Britain, which promotes, inspires and accelerates small businesses across the UK.

The prizes were judged by a jury of leading company experts. The online ceremony took over the theme of the upcoming James Bond film and featured guests dressed in black ties.

And Michelle Ovens CBE, Founder of Small Business Britain added, “The Small Awards are about celebrating the unique and amazing contribution of small businesses that has never been more evident than last year.

“All small businesses should be proud of the way they have dealt with this pandemic, but special congratulations must go to our amazing winners who have inspired us all! We are very excited that we hosted such a fun event and managed to take an online event to the next level with so many surprises on the doorstep! ”

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