Smart Clock 2 : Lenovo Introduced The New Smart Watch!

Smart clock 2 has been proposed. Lenovo introduced a new smartwatch model called Smart clock 2. The device contains many innovations compared to the previous model.

Lenovo introduced a new smartwatch model called Smart clock 2. The device comes with new design and color options compared to the previous model and also supports wireless charging.

There is a night light at the bottom of the Smart clock 2. Thanks to the light, night work can be done easily. The choice of purchasing the docking station and the device is left to the users.

Smart Clock 2 comes with wireless charging pad

Lenovo is back with a new version of the Google Assistant powered Smart Clock. This time, the company announced: Smart clock 2, a device with a new design, better sound and integrated night light. It is expected to go on sale in September for $10-90 more than the model two years ago.

The first smartwatch had a short and low design. The new one will offer a new design with a short and integrated base under the screen. A pair of 1.5-inch front-firing speakers will be housed in the base, delivering an improved sound compared to the original, according to comments from a Lenovo representative. In addition, there is a wireless charging station that comes with Smart clock 2.

Almost the same depth as the previous model, but a few inches wider, the slot is placed under the watch and secured with a pogo pin. When the docking station is connected, it can wirelessly charge the battery of a Qi-compatible phone. If you opt for the wired option, there is a USB-A charging port on the back of the slot. It is also compatible with the Google MagSafe standard.

Lenovo Smart clock 2 will be available in three different color options. This one; Billed as Abyss Blue and Shadow Black and Heather Grey.

What do you think of the Smart clock 2 device that Lenovo is going to launch? Do you think there are effective changes from the previous model?

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