Smartphone sales continue to make Xiaomi’s face smile

Xiaomi has published its financial report for 2020. The announced figures look pretty good for the Chinese manufacturer. As earnings grew year-on-year, smartphone shipments were up 17.5 percent to 146.4 million. He also stressed that half of the company’s sales come from markets outside of China.

Xiaomi’s statement stated that 10 million of the phones sold in 2020 are ‘premium’, that is to say the higher segment. The monthly number of users of the MIUI UI has exceeded 400 million. According to Xiaomi’s evaluation, phones with a retail price of more than 3000 yuan in China are in the flagship class. Therefore, this assessment should be approached with caution.

The increase in phone sales puts Xiaomi in third place in the global smartphone market. In 2020, the company’s sales in China, which appeared to have benefited from the problems facing Huawei, rose 51.9 percent from the previous year.

Xiaomi announced an annual income of 245 billion yuan for 2020. While 152 billion yuan of this income was generated from smartphone sales, the remainder was provided by the company’s broad product portfolio.

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