SMIC solution for Huawei Kirin processor! USA is engaged

SMIC solution for Huawei Kirin processor! USA is engaged

Huawei is looking for a new way to maintain the smartphone market after the P40 series. With the company’s Chinese chip maker SMIC, which produces the Kirin 710A processor, the Huawei Kirin processor family can come back to life. But the US has also clamped down on this company.

SMIC move for Huawei Kirin processor family

In fact, early last month, the first alarm bells started ringing for SMIC. Due to allegations that the company will produce chips for the Chinese military, the US wants to prevent the company from supplying parts from allied countries.

Finally, SMIC, which produces the Kirin 710A processor with 14 nm processor architecture for the Honor Play 4T for Huawei, does not have the technology to produce 7 nm and 5 nm processors. Based on the information received, the company is trying to purchase much more sophisticated liography equipment to have this technology.

Although SMIC is a Chinese company, the major processor technology equipment is currently owned by the US and associated countries. It is also one of the information that the Chinese company has shown during the meeting with US officials that it has no ties to the Chinese military.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the US plans to take control of all development processes that the company carries out in China. Such intervention by the United States could spoil Huawei’s processor plans. Huawei is also seeking an agreement with Taiwanese MediaTek. In short, the company, which is at the forefront of the smartphone market, is trying to find a way out against all the pressure from US President Trump and his administration.

What do you think, could the Kirin processor family resurface after the Huawei P40 series? We await your comments.


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