Snapchat Includes Other Apps Through Minis !

Snapchat Includes Other Apps Through Minis !

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Snapchat Minis

Snapchat launched a new feature to its chatting system called Minis. The feature was launched on  June 2020. Minis is a set of third-party apps which the users can use while chatting with friends on Snapchat. It lives inside the chat section of the app and saves the time of user from exiting Snapchat and switching to other apps. It is developed with an effort to provide everything to a user at a tap’s distance. Minis live inside the keyboard of Snapchat just like games. When you tap on it, the Minis page opens up, and you can complete your activity. It was one of the many features announced by Snapchat at Snap’s Virtual Partner Summit.

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What Can You Do With Snapchat Minis?

You can do a wide range of activities using Minis. The mini-apps let the users ordering movie tickets, comparing class schedules, studying a flashcard deck or going through a guided meditation. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel is very confident about this feature and feels that it will strike a chord with the users. He feels it will change the way people engage with each other. He further explained it with an example saying,

“Let’s say you’re getting ready with your friends, or your school dance is two weeks from now — you can actually shop together with your friends, which I think could be a really fun experience,”

Which All Apps Make-Up Snapchat Minis

Minis is still a very new feature, and it will take time for more apps to come in. There are seven apps under Minis. It includes Coachella for planning festival lineup with friends, Headspace for meditations, Let’s Do it to make decisions with your friends, Movie Tickets by Atom to books movie tickets, Prediction Master for news updates, Saturn and Tembo for students to help each other with studies.

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Benefit To Apps With Snapchat Minis

The apps included in Minis have got a real deal as Snapchat is growing at a fast pace. It has millions of users, and this will help them create traction for their app. Moreover, more people will now notice their app and the engagement in their app will increase.

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