Socialite who shot and killed policeman in Belize insist she's 'not a murderer'

Jasmine Hartin, who has two children with Tory donor Lord Ashcroft’s son, has given her first TV interview since Henry Jemmott’s death in May

Jasmine Hartin gave her first TV interview since she was charged with the murder (

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The former partner of the Tory donor’s son Lord Ashcroft insisted she was not drunk and did not use drugs when she shot and killed a top police officer in Belize.

Jasmine Hartin, who has two children with Andrew Ashcroft, insisted she “isn’t a murderer” when she gave her first TV interview since Henry Jemmott’s death in May.

The glamorous celebrity, 32, shot dead the 42-year-old father of five on a moonlit pier in Belize, claiming that his service revolver accidentally went off when she returned it.

Hartin was charged with negligent homicide, but several members of Jemmott’s family believe it was a foul.

Now the mother of two said she did not use cocaine that night and the small amount found on her by the Belizean authorities was not hers.

Henry Jemmott was shot dead with his own gun in Belize


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The Canadian didn’t say who the drugs belonged to.

“People perceive me as … that wild, crazy party girl hanging under the rafters,” she said.

“It’s not at all. I am a businesswoman. I am a mother. I am a friend … I am a woman. “

When asked by CBS, “Did you use cocaine that evening?” She replied, “No”.

Interviewer Peter Van Sant then said: “Do you use cocaine? Do you have a drug problem? “

Ms. Hartin insisted she wasn’t drunk and hadn’t used drugs


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Hartin replied, “I definitely don’t have a drug problem. And I’ll say that the substance they found wasn’t mine. “

When asked who owns the Class A drug, she said, “I don’t think I can tell.”

Regarding the charges hanging over her, she said, “I went through what I would call hell on earth.”

Hartin claims Jemmott taught her how to use a handgun to protect her after she was sexually assaulted at a party on May 22.

Hartin is charged with negligent homicide


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Describing the incident, she said, “He says, ‘Can you get me the magazine out of the gun?’ So I lean forward. I’ll pick up the gun. “

Hartin then explained how she tried to remove the magazine from the gun before it went off. “I’m trying to click out the magazine, but it doesn’t work.

So I keep it that way and try to use the moonlight or whatever to see if I hit the right button, ”she said.

“The next thing I know is that the gun went off.”

She is asked: “Did you have a finger on the trigger?” To which she replied: “Not that I thought. It was an accident or the gun failed. But – did I consciously pull the trigger? No.”

The police found her on the pier, dazed and covered in Jemmott’s blood.

Jemmott’s family doesn’t believe the story.

“My brother was shot behind the ear … execution style,” said his sister Cherry.

The family is pushing for a murder charge.

Since filming, it turned out that she broke up with Andrew Ashcroft, who once called her his “wife”.

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